Shadows of Dawn :  The Trans-Dimensional Thrash Masters of the Multiverse

Shadows of Dawn combines heavy riffs and a technical dual guitar attack accented by strings, synths and brutal percussion. A conglomeration of influences ranging from early thrash metal to modern experimental. A wall of sound meant to stimulate, entice, titillate, and tease every sense, leaving the observer with a welcome addiction, salivating for more. With a wealth of musical history from each performer, Shadows of Dawn brings a variety of musical styles together to create a new chapter in the history of heavy metal.

Jay Tarantino

Guitar / Arrangement

Dan Lassen

Lead Vocals

The often softspoken frontman for Shadows of Dawn, Dan brings a musical approach far outside of normal conventions to the table.  The former frontman for New Jersey band "Redemption in Ruins," Dan has a wide variety of talents he brings to the table in both the writing and performance aspect of the band.  As the former bassist for Shadows of Dawn, Dan is reminiscent of a young Cliff Burton or Steve Harris.  Vocally, Dan likens his sound to bands such as Sentenced, Queen, Machine Head, and Anthrax. His musical tastes fall under a wide spectrum ranging from Billy Joel to Dark Tranquility, and can often be heard in his writing. Other endeavors include Artist Development and Management for independent artists and Music Licensing and Marketing.  When not with Shadows of Dawn, you can find Dan thumbing through his large comic book collection or adding his own creations to his already extensive library.

Originally wanting to be a drummer, Jay opted for an acoustic guitar when his parents told him drums were out of the question. Jay took to the instrument right away, learning classical guitar and basic sight reading until he got his first electric guitar 6 months later. It was soon after that, that his life would change forever when he discovered the incredible classically influenced playing of Randy Rhoads on Ozzy Osbourne's "Blizzard of Ozz" album. From then on the guitar became an obsession, with Jay often practicing for many hours each day, working toward his goal of mastering the instrument, and deciding from then on that music would be the path we would take with his life. A member of Shadows of Dawn since 2004, Jay has become an important figure in the band, taking over duties as the main songwriter, and shaping the band's sound with his technical, but melodic riffing. In addition to playing in Shadows of Dawn, Jay is also a private guitar teacher and rhythm guitarist for instrumental shred virtuoso Angel Vivaldi.

Rob Vicari

Guitar / Vocals

Dylan Roberts

Keyboards / Programming / Vocals

Rob started his music career in the 5th grade when he picked up the saxophone. After playing for 2 years he then picked up the guitar. While at first learning songs by ear, guitar did not become a main instrument until a few years later. After becoming serious on saxophone and auditioning for all regional and state wind ensemble and jazz bands, guitar followed soon suit. At the time Rob was listening to bands such as Iron Maiden, Slayer, Guns N’ Roses, Metallica and Judas Priest. He was then introduced to bands like Death, Iced Earth, In Flames and Opeth to name a few. This projected his guitar playing into new horizons. In 2003, Rob was asked to join Shadows of Dawn to play rhythm guitar and help with writing new songs. After about 7 years with the band, Rob decided to take a hiatus to work on becoming an audio engineer. Upon completing school, Rob joined the industrial metal band Methodical and stayed with them for just over year. After leaving, Rob was then asked to come back to Shadows of Dawn. In addition to playing in Shadows, Rob is also a producer and song writer for the band Fire 4 Effect. He also holds position of chief engineer at IGM studios and sales representative for Dynacoustics.

Dylan is no stranger to the entertainment industry.  A composer and multi-instrumentalist, he is a widely-talented performer and showman.  Performing under the name "Dementis', with the world famous 'Bros. Grim Sideshow' as a bally talker, fire performer, contact juggler, and designer, Dylan honed his skills on the road as well as session work and ventures in previous musical projects and heavy metal bands in the tri-state area. Dylan started his musical career at the age of 14 as a session player with various NYC Industrial bands.  Shortly after college, he spent years training in the sideshow arts and building up a reputation as a magnetic force in front of a crowd. When not with Shadows of Dawn, you can find Dylan under the big top, or quietly meditating at home. Some of Dylan's other hobbies include voice-over work, photography, painting, glass etching, and sculpture.

Chris Targia


Tom Cooke

Drums / Percussion

Although he dabbled in playing piano as a kid, Chris did not take much interest in music until he was a teenager. In 2002, a time when a band was more likely to have a DJ than a piano player, Chris took to the bass, liking its sound more then the guitar. He picked up how to play a 4-string rather quickly and bought a 5-string within less then a year of playing. Some time later, with growing from influences of mainstream rock, nu-metal, and punk; he started listening to Primus, which opened up a whole new and versatile way of playing the instrument, as well as introducing him to 6-string bass. He also began listening to such bass virtuosos as Victor Wooten and Stu Hamm while widening and honing his playing styles. In 2005, he joined up with instrumental guitarist Angel Vivaldi, as well as playing with some other locals acts in this time, introducing him to progressive metal. In 2011 Chris joined Shadows of Dawn filling in the slot left from Dan's move to lead vocals. In addition to playing in Shadows of Dawn, Chris also plays in the horror punk band Deadly Nights, and has been playing live shows with Tommy Vext (Formerly of Divine Heresy).

Tom is a versatile drummer with an intensity that must be experienced. Currently recording and touring with Shadows of Dawn, he is also the drummer for Due for Extinction and Fire4Effect. In addition, Tom is an accomplished tattoo artist and has a passion for monsters, sci-fi, and cartoons.